Not clean

I wouldn’t say I am unsanitary. My place looks like someone lives here and with the hardwood floors and tiles, you can see more life particles than with carpet. But there’s no health threats, mold, rotting food or anything like that. But I can’t stop but think about cockroach congregations in my kitchen and/or bathroom while I’m gone. What kind of dust will settle on my bed linens that they won’t be that clean even if I wash them. When I was in law school, my idiot landlord did some renovations to the house I was renting and workers slept in my bed, watched my TV and, of course, drank all my alcohol. That was a terrible experience.

Imagine how I felt coming back from being away during the summer on a 3 month interview we like to call being a “summer associate”.

While, hopefully, there won’t be any drunken workers lounging in my bed and I’ve moved everything that is of value out of my place, I’m still not super excited about the dust and cockroaches I envision hanging out while I’m gone.

I also wonder what kind of smells I might come back to. My old horse stuff, dog stuff, childhood crap, and whatever spills I haven’t cleaned up and forgot about are all hanging out while I’m gone.

Blagh. It makes me want to cover everything with a layer of 409.


T minus 4

Leaving in less than 4 days. Most of my carry on and check-in suitcases are empty. I guess I travel light even with my sweaters, work-out clothes (aspirational thinking), and my endless collection of Sephora samples so I don’t have to lug around bottles of creams, serums, etc. The one heavy thing is my backpack with my work laptop and personal laptop and all the peripherals, wires, batteries, etc.

Embarking on a “Digital Nomad” (I’m starting to find that phrase annoying) life for the next few months.

How am I feeling? Excited? Adventurous? Yes…but more like “it’s about time”. Been stuck in a Houston, Tex-ass rut for too long. Vowed I’d only try living in Houston for ONE obligatory year to show my parents that I’m trying to live close to family. It has now been almost FIVE long, hot, muggy, gun toting, strip mall filled years. Before, I took off to the Pacific Northwest age 17, then to Asia,  NYC, Miami…then Houston? That can’t be right. But it is. But not for the next few months…!

Here goes nothing…!


(The picture above is a canned photo from WordPress and I was too lazy to change it. It is kind of fitting. Whatever. )