Double Trouble.

I travel with two laptops. One is a super heavy, outdated work laptop and then I have my own personal, thinner macbook.

I really don’t like doing personal things on my work laptop like checking bank accounts, blogging or facebook. I also don’t like to stream netflix on my work laptop. Basically, I don’t do anything but work on my work laptop in case Big Brother is watching. T

his has been a royal pain because I’m always concerned my hotel will get burglarized  or I will be robbed (as I’m a solo female traveler) and it makes my backpack bag insanely heavy when flying.

I also carry tons o f cables (2 laptop chargers, 2 laptop cable locks, 2 iphone charging cables (one long one for my room and one short one for my power bank), 2 micro chargers (one long one for my room and one short one for my power bank), bluetooth earbuds, backup earbuds with regular jack in case my bluetooth work jabra headset farts out, backup earbuds for iPhone 7 lightning jack in case my bluetooth earbuds fart out, small charger for my waterproof ipod for the beach destinations, charger for my sonicare toothbrush, and charger for my portable water pick. So that’s A LOT of wires.

I haven’t ever been stopped in US if I’m traveling domestically (or even when departing internationally) but I did have problems in UK and Europe if I didn’t take all the wires in all the different bags out. It’s a pain in the butt.

I’ve also scoured Amazon and Ebay for travel cable organizers but they either have superfluous pouches or slots and are way too big or they’re just way too small because of the two different laptop power adaptors I lug around.

Anyone have any recommendations?


Author: Hoodlum


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