Apparently a sarong is a “must have” when you are traveling and living remotely because you can wear it, use it as a room divider, a sheet, a curtain or a towel. I bought one for $9.95 (but with FREE returns) but then realized–when am I ever going to need it as as curtain, room divider, etc.? At the risk of sounding entitled, I’m not a poor 20 yr old backpacker going from hostel to hostel and I’m glad this is happening in my (late) 30s! There are alot of “digital nomads” in their 20s or 50s (kids out of the house).

There are tons of 50 yrs old that are still in great shape (likely better than me!), but I’m glad I’m getting to explore while I’m “relatively” young.

My mother, however, wants me to hurry up and marry a rich doctor–because, you know, there’s a bunch single male doctors just standing somewhere in a market and I’m just too lazy to go “get one”–I always imagine the self-service area at Ikea filled with single doctors on the shelves and me pushing one of those flatbed shopping carts trying to pick out a doctor all the while my mom is yelling at me 


Author: Hoodlum


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