After winter in London, freezing in Budapest and Warsaw, eating more sugar that I have in a year in Amsterdam, seeing ancient ruins in Athens, and running around Germany and Italy… I’ve decided my next trip will be to the Yucatán peninsula in Mexico.

Other than wanting some sun and missing the beach (one of the only fond memories I have of living in S. Florida), having to keep US hours really does tether me to this continent. While swinging a 6+ time difference in the EU was okay… it was tiring. And it rules out Asian (sigh… Thailand, I’ll have to save giving my heart to you.).

After scouring the internet, facebook, discussing with other Digital Nomads (that name really has tired itself out), I just bought my one-way ticket to Playa Del Carmen in mid-March. I was also considering Medellin and Nicaragua (Guatemala, a distant 4th) but since this will be my first time staying for an extended period of time in Latin America outside of resorts and business trips, I took the advice from other people about easing into LatAm life.

Despite growing up in Texas, taking 7 years of Latin and working for 3+ years in Latin America while in Miami, my Spanish is basic. I can read it (very well if it’s formal/legal Spanish) but it’s hard for me to speak it and harder to understand it spoken very quickly. I thought that easing into LatAm was probably a good idea.

I selected the Yucatán because there are tons of vacationers, English speakers and expats that if I just want to shut my brain off, switch to English, and be a stupid American again, I can. But it also has some areas where I can really get out of my comfort zone around locals in a relatively safe area. (If you read my post on experimenting on myself and my implicit biases, I’ll circle back to this idea to see if I was right or wrong about this belief!).

I take off in approximately 4 weeks. So far, I’ve spent the last hour buying pepto bismol tablets, sunscreen packs, mosquito repellent wipes (I’m trying not to have to check a bag), a sun visor and other beach gear. I’ve made an appointment with my doctor to get antibiotics to take with me, one with my dentist for a cleaning, and one with my eye doctor for another supply of contact lenses.

I’ve also scoured the internet and facebook trying to connect with other remote works in Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, Puerto Morelos, and Cozumel — it never hurts to know someone even if that someone is a stranger now 🙂

To be continued….




Author: Hoodlum


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