Domestic Nomad.

I’m not sure why we think that in order to be a digital nomad, you have to go abroad. I’ve had alot of fun living and working in different cities in the U.S. Here’s a list of cities I’ve worked and lived in for at least 12 months at a time:

  1. Austin
  2. Portland
  3. Seattle
  4. New York City
  5. Miami
  6. West Palm Beach

(not all cities are on the list because I wouldn’t recommend them. For example: Houston…)

NYC was my favorite place, though it’s very expensive and cost prohibitive. Miami/West Palm have their charm but it wears off. You can, however, get alot of medication and beauty treatments here that you wouldn’t be able to in the rest of America (mainly because some are illegal…!) West Palm is what you think it is like. Superficial money and alot of fakeness. Miami is what you think it is like too. If Vegas were on the beach, it would be Miami.

Austin is getting to be just as expensive as NYC.

Portland is one of the best places to meet people and make friends. It’s beautiful, like Austin, and has plenty of nature everywhere. It does get a bit ridiculous (Portlandia is a pretty realistic description) and it is a bit small so if you want to expand a growing business, not sure if Portland is the best launch pad.

Seattle is a strange one. It’s in the PacNW. But it’s not very soft and friendly like Portland. The “Seattle Chill” is a real thing–people are superficially nice but to make real connections with new people is a bit more difficult. It’s also filled with alot of right wing yuppies and racism (especially implicit racism) is big there. While pot is big there, they’ve got a huge crack and heroin problem. It is beautiful though. You can see Mt. Rainier form your office window, you can walk along the beach (though it’s too cold to go swimming without a wetsuit), and there’s islands you can visit. You’re also close to Portland and Vancouver, B.C if you need a break from the Seattle Chill, right wing yuppies, or crackheads.


Author: Hoodlum


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