I just took a course at work that discussed and examined our preconceived biases and implicit biases (biases we don’t even know we have). This was around race, gender, religion and sexual orientation. The responses were great–some people were offended about being told they were bias, some were offended about their belief systems being challenged, and others were vindicated because we were giving a voice to the bias against some groups of people. You can take some implicit tests at implicit.harvard.edu) and you may or may not be surprised at the results.

I thought I would experiment on myself and see what kind of biases I might have (implicit or otherwise). Mainly, I’m going to include some judgments in my posts and then revisit them to see if I was 1) right, 2) wrong, 3) too biased to know 🙂 especially while I travel the world as an Asian woman. I might point out some of the biases I feel from others around the world and some that I might feel towards others. This will likely incite some pissed off readers to leave pissed off comments but if we can’t push ourselves to be uncomfortable and talk about the things that are uncomfortable, we’re always going to be stuck in our own Plato’s cave.


Author: Hoodlum


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